Farrah Graham and Jimmy Doubts, hosts of the Uncorking a Murder podcast, are back in Michael Carlon’s new comedic mystery Motel California.


Return to Casa Grande


A washed up 80s soap star is thrust back into the spotlight after an accidental appearance on a hit reality show.

Uncorking a Murder (Farrah Graham Book 1)

A retired detective short on time is looking to right a wrong in this “Serial meets Gone Girl” thriller.

The Last Homily (Farrah Graham Book 2)

A progressive priest is murdered on the altar and it’s up to Farrah Graham to find out who did it, and why.

Winning Streak

Patrick “Trick” Evans has just won all of golf’s four major championships in the same calendar year but walks away from the game he loves after the sudden death of his father.

All the F*cks I Cannot Give

Marketing consultant Kelly Carson learns why not giving a f*ck can be the path to self enlightenment.

Recent Conversations

New York Times Bestselling Author Jane Green

Jane Green is the author of nineteen novels, including seventeen New York Times Bestsellers, one cookbook, and various short stories. She is published in over 25 languages and has over ten million books in print worldwide. Even though all of this is true,...

Mike’s Recent Musings

The Show Must Go On

When I was in high school, I got into Queen—I mean really into Queen (I had a copy of A Night at the Opera well before Wayne's World re-popularized Bohemian Rhapsody). While I loved Freddie’ Mercury’s vocals, it was guitarist Brian May who hooked me. ...

Appeasing the puppet masters of my mind

I have a lot of quirky characteristics but perhaps the quirkiest of the bunch is the fact that I don’t like it when people buy gifts for me. It’s not that I can’t appreciate the kindness of the gesture, that I feel unworthy of the gift, or that I...

When art imitates life

I’m someone who likes to embrace new challenges and walk unfamiliar paths. I first realized this about myself when I found that I was getting bored in my first career as a marketing professional; I worked for a large consumer packaged goods company and...