Chapters released once per day from December 2nd to December 24th. 

This is not a Hallmark Story

Cantankerous Karen Grant is the opinion page editor for The Standard Star, a struggling small town Connecticut newspaper looking to trim some fat from its payroll over the holidays. When her strong following of readers turns on her after penning a controversial opinion piece about a beloved Christmas song, Karen is given the nickname Karen Grinch and the negative press that results forces the newspaper’s hand—Karen is fired with less than a week to go before Christmas.

On her way out of the building with a box of personal items, Karen comes across a stray dog who just won’t leave her alone and makes it a priority to find its owner so she can rid herself of the nuisance. Three blocks from her office, she runs into Noel Topher, an Army Veteran who is looking for his service dog, Jingle. But that’s not all, he’s also looking for a way to get to get to Lantana, Florida so he can fulfill a promise he made to a friend who died under Noel’s command.

Karen, who also has family in South Florida, agrees to go on a holiday adventure with Noel and, together with Jingle, they road trip it down south where they face one obstacle after another including food poisoning, a roadside inn that makes the Bates Motel seem like the Four Seasons, and dysfunctional family that makes The Bluths from Arrested Development look like The Brady Bunch . Along the way, Noel will learn just exactly why Karen Hates Christmas.




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