Please bear with me as I am feeling rather deep this evening.  Take a moment, close your eyes, and take a deep breath.  Now, remember the first time you fell in love with another person.  I bet you remember the year and maybe even what you were wearing.  Certainly you remember the music (or bear with me and pretend that you do).  The first time I fell in love, U2’s Auchtung Baby had just been released and it is an album I consider flawless to this day.

It was quite a departure from anything they put out in the 80’s and I remember at the time not liking it too much myself.  But it grew on me; kind of like my recent proclivity for single malt scotch.

The last track on the album is called Love is Blindness.  I remember seeing U2 play end a show with it in the fall of 1991 at Madison Square Garden; we had horrible seats behind the stage.  We didn’t care.  The Pixies opened up for U2 and I remember to this day seeing the back of Frank Black’s head as he sang “Outside, there’s a boxcar waiting;” lyrics I would not appreciate until I was older. 

Back to your first experience falling in love – tell the truth, wasn’t it great? Better than any drug or drink; a dragon you might still be chasing?  I listened to Love is Blindness tonight; by chance as my iPod was on shuffle and I was walking the dog in the rain.  The Lyrics hit me like a punch in the face from Tawny Kitean:


Love is blindness

I don’t want to see

You wrap the night

Around me

Take my heart

Love is blindness

Go back to the time when you first felt the love of another person.  Was it that first person you thought of in the beginning of this post, or was it someone else?


“The perfect love drowns out all fear.”