A few weeks ago, my friend Leo and I saw Angels and Demons.  For the record, we are both practicing Catholics and we, in spite of seeing the movie, are still practicing Catholics.  Imagine that…

When I was a child, I broke a mirror. My mother told me it would be 7 years bad luck (even though she is Catholic and should not believe in such superstitions).  When a mirror breaks, it can never be put back together.  But what about a person’s spirit? Is it like a mirror?

I have a friend named John who is as close as a brother to me.  He joined the Marine Corps after college; we all thought he was crazy.  He enlisted.  He wanted to be with the everyday person.  As I understand it, basic training in the Marine Corps is grueling – they are known to break you down.  And, as I understand it, the purpose of breaking you down is to make you a stronger person.  Now some people don’t become stronger and they “fail,” that is, they leave the Marines before becoming a Marine.  But what of those who become a marine? They become stronger people; stronger in body and stronger in spirit.

I would like to think that those of us who have faith in something larger than ourselves are more like Marines than we are mirrors.  There are many times when our faith is tested and we walk away stronger for it.

Who are we to think our faith is as strong as it can be? Recall the Apostles who walked with Jesus.  The saw Him perform miracles and they still questioned who He was when they themselves were put to the test.  Thomas doubted Him.  Peter denied Him (3 times I might add).  If the Apostles, who walked in His footsteps, doubted Him, who are we not to doubt?

The point is, faith is completely irrational.  As such, we will always doubt it.  Faith is also a seed that we have to continually water and shed sunlight on.  What are some of the ways we can help our seeds sprout?