In addition to being the author of 6 novels, Michael Carlon is the founder and managing member of Vertigo Partners, LLC – a Connecticut based marketing consultancy that uses traditional and emerging research methods bringing the voice of the consumer to marketing challenges.  Michael’s sweet spot is in conducting user experience, target illumination, and concept exploration & development sessions.  He is an RIVA trained moderator and a Unilever Alum where he worked for years across the company’s personal care brands as a Sr. Insights Manager.

Mike is an “out of the box” type thinker who brings his dynamic personality, quick sense of humor, passion for improvisation, and rapport building skills to every project and conversation. He’s worked across just about every category but his focus are in financial services, CPG, healthcare, and consumer technology.

Mike also hosts the Uncorking a Story podcast featuring in-depth interviews with fellow authors and other interesting people who are making extraordinary differences in the world today. He lives in Stamford, Connecticut with his wife Nicole and their teenage triplets Grace, Patrick, and Maggie.