The Godfather is one of my favorite books primarily because of Don Corleone; a character whose sense of family and honor is shadowed by his own brutality. It is hard to argue that “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse,” is not one of the best character catch phrases ever ascribed to a character in print or on film.

A few weeks ago, our parish celebrated the feast of our patron Saint; St. Leo. During the homily, our pastor told us the story (again) of St. Leo and one of the things St. Leo (then Pope) is famous for. Atilla the Hun was planning on invading Rome until he was met outside the city by Pope Leo I. History does not account for what was said at the meeting, but Atilla decided not to invade Rome.
In my mind, Pope Leo I must have made him an offer he could not refuse. I wonder if any of Atilla’s horses were missing a head after the meeting….