A retired detective short on time is looking to right a wrong in this “Serial meets Gone Girl” thriller.

The Uncorking a Murder podcast took the nation by storm. Farrah Graham, the creator and host, struck a nerve with listeners through a ten-episode serial that combined investigative journalism, old fashioned radio drama, and compelling storytelling. The public, not to mention Farrah’s advertisers, are hungry for season two!

While Farrah and her partner Melody struggle to agree on a topic for the second season of Uncorking a Murder, their intern takes a call from a retired detective in Ft. Lauderdale pitching his request that the next season focus on a case he was involved with five years earlier. Curious to hear why a retired detective is driven to have a conviction overturned, Farrah follows her curiosity down to Ft. Lauderdale where she uncovers a conspiracy involving a narcissistic CEO and a US Senator willing to do anything to protect their secrets, but will she live long enough to uncork this story?



Cecilia K.



Perfect summer beach read! A murder mystery combined with a lot of comedy…. and a plot twist about 1/4 way through the book that I never saw coming! Highly recommend to anyone looking for an entertaining few hours – looking forward to reading Michael Carlon’s other books!



I love a good murder mystery and this book has it all, well rounded characters, humor and twist and turns you’d never expect. I highly recommend it.